Ball Point Pens

Firstly, let’s just cover what a ball point pen is before we look at branded ones and how they can help promote your company.

A ballpoint pen, sometimes referred to as a “Biro” because of László Biro the Hungarian who invented them, is a pen that gives a very consistent delivery of ink to the page. Significantly, it does this every time without spills, the need for blotting paper, and they don’t leek whilst in your pocket or bag. It has many advantages over the old quill pens or fountain pens and the portability which allows you to carry one with you without fear of it leaking is the key. Its all-round reliability makes it the most commonly used pen in the world today.

As so many people carry one with them or have one handy on their desk or in a draw at home or in the car it means that they are an advertisers’ dream. Cheap ball point pens get passed around and will often have several “owners in its lifetime. So, if your company slogan and logo are on a pen, just consider how many times the owner is going to see it if he/she uses it on a daily basis at home or work. This will reinforce your brand in their mind and that of any future owners of the pen. Have a look at home or at work at all the different pens you have, a big percentage of them will be branded.

This is why having branded ball point pens to give away to customers or a potential customer is a great return on your investment. It’s like an advert that just keeps on promoting you over and over again. Top Brands versus Budget You can invest a little more by buying top brand pens and this will really give a strong impression for your business. If you are giving them to high net worth clients who potentially can spend a great deal with your company then this is certainly worthwhile. However, if your budget is smaller we have a range of cheaper pens and pencils that will still offer style and quality.With small quantities available it makes it easy even for the small business, club, school etc. to have affordable giveaways. At Diamond Print we can offer a huge selection of branded executive pens and pencils starting from just a few pence.

Printing Method

When it comes to printing your logo, slogan, company mission statement or whatever it is you want printed there are some considerations to bear in mind. We offer a variety of print methods and are experts in this field with many years of experience. So, if you have any questions or would like any help with this, then please just ask. The most common methods of printing are screen, pad, digital printing or laser engraving. Print can wear especially on metal pens. For a long lasting print it may be worth thinking of laser engraving.

Also now available is 360° engraving. Digital printing is becoming the most popular form of printing, this offers more choice with printing up to full colour. Digital is offering top quality prints at an economical price, also making easy to offer small quantities even on the less expensive pens. Digital printing is available with a full wrap on some pens giving the maximum print area. Bearing all this in mind will leave the best impression possible with the represents. At Diamond Print we supply top quality branded items to your exact specifications so call us today for a quote or to discuss your promotional needs.